(musTh211) Review for Test 1

No new homework assigned for Monday, 9/17.

Use your wealth of free time to study for the test.


  • Writing and resolving secondary dominants and secondary leading tone chords. Be sure that you understand about resolving tendency tones, and non-permitted doublings. (Never double the leading tone of the key, or the secondary leading tone of a secondary dominant/leading tone chord.)
  • Analyzing modulating passages of music. Since sectional modulations require longer works, the test will likely involve either common-chord or chromatic modulation. When analyzing, first try to find a common chord between the two keys (usually the chord before the new dominant). If that doesn’t work, then look for a chromatic modulation.
  • Modulation to closely related keys. Be able to name five closely-related keys to any given major or minor key.

See you on Monday.


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  1. Are we to bring our Anthology’s on the Wednesday after the test?

  2. I’ll decide about bringing the Anthology on Monday.

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