(maxmsp) Assignment 3: Sound File Playback (modified)

Due Monday, 2/4:

Due Wednesday, 2/6 (see announcement)

Create three patchers that play and record sound files according the following instructions. The patchers can be in one window, as subpatchers in one window, or in separate files.

  1. Patcher1: A patcher that will play three separate sound files, with the playback of each sound file mapped to a specific MIDI note. Pressing the associated MIDI note will start playback of a sound file; releasing the MIDI note will stop playback of a sound file. The playback speed of each sound file should be controlled by a MIDI continuous controller (CC). All three sound files should be able to play at the same time. Include all three sound files with the folder that you turn in, and program the patcher to automatically load them when the patcher is opened.
  2. Patcher 2: Using one sound file, define at least 5 cues that will play back in random order for as long as any MIDI key is held down. (You can assume that only one key will be pressed at a time.) MIDI key velocity should determine the overall amplitude for sound file playback, and the attack and release should have at least some type of amplitude envelope ramp to avoid start and end clicks. Include the sound file with the folder that you turn in, and program the patcher to automatically load it when the patcher is opened.
  3. Patcher 3: A patcher that will record audio input from the mixer and Soundflower (interapplication audio). Use the computer keyboard to start and stop recording for each input individually. You don’t have to turn in saved audio files from your recording, but the ability to do so should be part of the patcher.


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