(must115) opening day welcome

faculty staff in the program

  • Dr. Jason Bolte, Director of Music Technology, Assistant Professor, Academic Advisor
  • Dr. Linda Antas, Assistant Professor of Music Technology, Academic Advisor
  • Dr. Keith Kothman, Director of the School of Music, Professor of Music Technology
  • Josh McRae, Computer Support Specialist

other staff

  • Kim Eggemeyer, Administrative Office.Right now Kim is the only staff member we have in the office. Be nice to her!

registration for required coureses

  • MUSI 195 or MUSI 160/260 (Applied Lessons or Guitar Class/Lessons)
  • MUSI 105, 135, 140 (Theory 1, Keyboard Skills 1, Aural Perception 1) 
  • MUSI 103RA Section 3
  • Scholarship students must be in a large ensemble (recommended for all)
  • 6 – 9 University Core classes recommended

concert attendance/seminar

  • You must attend 120 concerts to graduate (15 per semester).
  • You must swipe in before the concert starts AND after it ends to receive credit.
  • If the card swipe isn’t working, you can manually log in with your GID at the computers in the lobby of Reynolds.
  • Even if the system says there is no concert, swipe your ID or login before and after to receive credit.
  • Non-MSU School of Music concerts must be approved by your advisor and you must bring a program.
  • Music Major Seminar meets Thursday, 11:00 – 11:50 in Reynolds. These seminars are required and count towards your 120 concerts.

grade requirements

  • A C or better is required for any MUSI, MUST, MUSE, EELE 217, FILM 259 to count.
  • A C- can count for any core or non-music class.
  • A D only counts towards your 10 free electives.


It’s in D2L, and also here. MUST115Syllabus2015sec3


  • https://ecat.montana.edu/
  • D2L (Desire 2 Learn) is your academic portal.
  • Assignments and grades will be posted and entered on D2L.
  • Login to D2L with your NetID.

recording assistance

  • All MUST students will assist in the recording of two concerts semester.
  • Your recording assistance will be part of your MUST 115 grade.
  • If you are late or miss your assigned concerts your grade will suffer.

multimedia series concerts

  • Your attendance is required.
  • You can also use them for general concert credit.
  • Dates tba

howard 127 lab

  • 127 is only available to students taking Music Technology classes.
  • The lab has all the software and hardware you need.
  • Staff (and faculty if staff unavailable) can let you in.
  • Open lab hours will be posted by the second week of class.