(musicTheory2) Assignment: Tonicization 2 updated

(Due 3/5) Workbook:

  • p. 179, 4C (given figured bass, add alto and tenor, Roman numerals. Unless the secondary dominant seventh or LEADING TONE SEVENTH substitutes for a predominant, enclose the Roman numeral in parentheses.
    • Note: there is an error with the figured bass on the second beat of the first measure. The slash-4 over natural should be slash-4 over 2.
  • p. 180, 5A. Note that this exercise is designed to use tonicizations of all the primary diatonic triads other than tonic. (/IV, /iii, /vi, /ii, /V) “Harmonize” means complete in four voices.
  • pp. 180 – 181, 6A (Analysis and Reduction)


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