(compMus1) Bouncing to Disk/Finishing Your Mix in DP

The final step in completing a project with Digital Performer is to create a stereo mix that you can burn to an audio CD. Follow this process:

  • In the Sequence Editor window, either “Edit | Select All” or drag-select across all tracks for the time area that you want to mix to stereo. (Note: to drag-select you have to have each track set to Soundbite view.)
  • Select “Audio | Bounce to disk…”
  • Choose the audio outputs you want to mix (typically Main Out 1-2, or Built-in 1-2). Leave the bit rate at 16. Edit the mix file(s) name, if you desire, and choose the output location for the files. (I like to put them in the project folder – not the audio files folder.) Don’t import the files into your project. Hit ok.
  • The result of the last operation is two mono Sound Designer II files. (.L and .R) Quit DP. Import the SDII files into Peak. (either drag the .L file onto the Peak icon, or open Peak and choose Import Dual Mono from the File menu.)
  • “Save as…” and choose AIFF as the file type. Save this file in your DP project folder.
  • Burn the AIFF of your project mix onto CD. The easiest way to do this is to drag the AIFF file onto the Toast Lite icon.


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