(compMus1) Analog Synthesis/Reason Assignment

Due 4/17:


Your third (and final project) is being divided into two parts. The first part, this assignment, deals with creating interesting synthesis patches. The second part will be to use your patches to create an interesting final composition, three minutes in length. For the composition, you will be able to use previously learned sample processing techniques, samplers in Reason, and your new skills in synthesis.

Create four (4) patches using Reason and the SubTractor analog synthesizer. These patches should follow the maxim that interesting sounds change over time. The four patches should show variety in use of timbre, envelopes, manner of synthesis, and modulation. They should each have the capability for real-time control by the performer. The patches should not have the same musical use, i.e., they shouldn’t all be “lead synth” or “background pads” or percussion. Create some sounds that will work as background textures, some other sounds that require more forefront attention.

Save your entire setup as a Reason song, and save individual patches for the SubTractor. All files should be in one folder for turn-in. Document your real-time controls for each patch in a separate text file that will also be turned in with your Reason documents.


  • Four separate and distinct patches using the SubTractor synth in Reason.
  • Sounds from patches must change over time.
  • Each patch must have some real-time control for the performer. YOU MUST DOCUMENT THESE IN AN ACCOMPANYING TEXT FILE. (Mod Wheel controls LFO1 amount; fader1 controls frequency of LF02, for example) For now, you can refer to the physical controls on the Radium. Remote controls can be edited and saved as part of your Reason song. If you want to switch remote controls between patches, document this so I will know.

You will be graded on the following:

  1. Creativity in use of synthesis to create interesting sounds.
  2. Appropriate sonic diversity.
  3. Use and documentation of use of real-time performance controls.
  4. Organization of files.
  5. Following turn-in procedure.

Turn-in Procedure:

  • Name your folder with your name and the number “3a”.
  • Your folder should contain a Reason Song with your rack setup, individual patch files for the SubTractor synth, and a text file documenting your real-time controls.
  • Turn in your project folder to my public directory on the server.


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