(musicTheory2) Assignment: Ch. 25, Analysis Project 1

Note: Ch. 25, Project 2 will be an in-class assignment for 4/23 and 4/25. You need to bring your workbook and be in class BOTH DAYS to receive credit.

Due Wednesday:

Wkbk: Ch. 25, 1 (pp. 233 – 235)


Important instructions (from the Workbook):

  1. Make a voice-leading reduction
  2. Provide a Roman numeral analysis
  3. Comment on the themes, motives, phrasing, texture, and so forth (space to do this on p. 235, and/or attach additional page).


[T]here are several significant deviations from the usual design as diagrammed in Ch.s 24 and 25 of the text, which involve tonality, thematic material, and phrase grouping. Identify these deviations in your analysis (and comment).


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