(musTh625) Listening List 1

Listening List 1 is posted on Blackboard (http://my.bsu.edu).

Log on to Blackboard using your BSU username and password (same as your email account). You should find a link to MusTh 625 after you login.

Listening List 1 is in the Course Documents section. Click on the folder and you will find links to mp3 files for each piece.

You’re responsible for knowing Composer, Title, and Year Composed for each piece. Here’s the list:

  • Pierre Schaeffer: Etude Aux Chemins de Fer (1948)
  • John Cage: Williams Mix (1952)
  • Otto Luening: Low Speed (1952)
  • Hugh Le Caine: Dripsod7 (1955)
  • Edgard Varese: Poeme Electronique (1958)
  • James Tenney: Collage #1 “Blue Suede” (1961)
  • Pierre Henry: Variations for a Door and a Sigh (1963)


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