(musTh211) Ch. 27: Analysis of Modulating Works

Review Topics:

  • Harmonic Progression
  • Essential and non-essential harmonies


  • Voice-leading: reduce/convert to block chords, or chorale-style harmonies, with all voices present. You may not end up with a strict SATB reduction, but you will usually have to supply a few notes here and there (especially in inner voices) to create logical parts. Usually you will use stems as needed for the rhythm of the harmony changes. Non-essential harmonies will be indicated by placing their RN in parentheses.
  • Two-part: reduce to outer voices (Sop and Bass), using stem/stemless noteheads and slurs to indicate essential and non-essential harmonies. Non-essential harmonies will have their RN in parentheses. Soprano and bass notes for non-essential harmonies will be explainable as standard non-harmonic tones. (passing, neighbor, etc.)


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