(musTh211) Assignment 9: +6 Chords, no. 2

Due Monday, 9/24:

Wkbk: p. 276, #2 (all), #3 A – C.


2 responses to “(musTh211) Assignment 9: +6 Chords, no. 2”

  1. I assume that for #3, we are to analyze the partwriting with roman numerals and inversion symbols.

  2. Yes about #3.

    Gauldin is writing these examples in “voice-leading reduction” style, so the stemless noteheads represent embellishing chords. (+6 chords are embellishing harmonies, like most secondary dominants.)

    Be sure to distinguish between the +6 in root position, and the °3 inversion. Also distinguish type (It. Fr., or Ger.) of +6 chord.

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