(musTh211) No New Assignment Due Friday (9/7)

It’s mid-week amnesty time. There is no new assignment for Friday, 9/7. Finish any of your outstanding (as in not-turned-in) assignments and turn them in.

Remember that all of your grades are available on Gradebook. You should check Gradebook regularly, both to keep track of your current grade average, and to make sure that I’ve entered your scores correctly.


2 responses to “(musTh211) No New Assignment Due Friday (9/7)”

  1. Why does a D5 appear in the soprano voice of p. 266: 2A when that is the seventh of the chord? The figured bass notation reads only “5”.

  2. If you’re talking about the very first exercise, in d minor, the figured bass of 6 – 5 both apply to the very first beat.

    The chord starts as a bII6, the Eb being the chord tone that the 6 refers to.

    The Eb moves down in passing motion to the D, which is what 5 refers to, then continues on to the C# over the V chord.

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