(musTh211) Final Exam Stuff

Just an update to aid in your feverish studying this weekend.

The exam will have:

  • Three analysis examples. At least one will modulate enharmonically. Others might use some altered common chord, or other chromatic chords (like common-tone °7, V7 – Ger65, respellings of vii°7, et.c)
  • Short (3 chords) part writing problems, with Neapolitan chords, N and P°7, N/PGer65, straigh-ahead Aug6 chords, etc.)
  • A figured bass example (probably about four measures) with all kinds of juicy chromatic chords.
  • Some chromatic/enharmonic exercises. Make sure you know how to alter a °7 chord to make it a V7 (lower the root a chromatic half step). Know that you can respell the °7 with any note as the root, and alter it to V7 chords all a minor third apart.

With the part writing, remember your general rules.

  • Flat 6 (scale degree) almost always goes to scale degree 5.
  • Sevenths of chords almost always resolve down by step. (except for common tone °7 chords)
  • +6 resolves out to octave.
  • Flat 2 goes to the leading tone, perhaps getting there through tonic.
  • Raise the leading tone in minor!!!!!!!!

As I think of more stuff, I’ll add it to this post. Look for the title to change slightly (more, newly edited, etc.)


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