(maxmsp) Example Patchers now in iLocker

Since I’ve heard that there have been problems downloading the patcher links, I’ve also put the example patchers in my iLocker account (BSU_SHARED folder). You can get there by following the link:


Enter your BSU username and password for access. I’ll also put the link in the sidebar of the blog in the Keith Kothman section.


2 responses to “(maxmsp) Example Patchers now in iLocker”

  1. Dr. Kothman,
    I’ve downloaded the patches as this post described, but I can’t get these files to open for the life of me. And trust me, being the “lonely” Computer Science minor I am, I ‘ve exhausted every trick in the book. Nothing’s working. Any thoughts ?

  2. I’m in the process of copying the patches again, in a text format that should be readable. I’ll explain in a new post.

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