(maxmsp) Lecture Notes: Screen Aesthetics, MIDI

The example patch for 1/11.

Some things to help you complete your first programming assignment.

Make sure you look at the manual pages (Max46ReferenceManual.pdf) and help files for new objects that we cover in class.  On Friday we covered:

  • notein, and noteout
  • makenote
  • random
  • kbslider
  • slider
  • dial
  • table

Some tips for table:

  • double-click the table object to open an editing window for the table. Know how to zoom in and change the cursor mode for easier table editing.
  • use the Get Info command on the table and set it to save the table with the patcher. Otherwise the values that you entered in the table will not remain after you close and re-open the patch.

To complete the assignment, you’ll probably need some of the following objects:

  • ctlin
  • menu
  • graphic switch
  • and you’ll need to know what messages the counter object sends out of all of its outlets.

Besides containing reference information for every object, the Max46ReferenceManual also has an “Object Thesaurus” that allows you to find Max objects by the function that you want to perform.


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  1. To clarify something in the last bullet list:

    You’ll probably need the gate object, or the graphic gate object, rather than the graphic switch object.

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