(maxmsp) Turning in Assignments

We’ll use the musictechxserve to turn in assignments and files.

Unless otherwise specified, use this procedure:

  1. Name your file with your last name and the assignment number. If you have multiple files, you can put them all in a single folder, and name the folder with your last name and assignment number.
  2. Connect and login to the musictechxserve.
  3. Instead of (or in addition to) connecting to your home volume, choose to connect to MT1.
  4. In the MT1 finder window, open UsersMT1 and navigate to my folder (kkothman).
  5. Open kkothman.
  6. Open the Public folder inside of kkothman.
  7. Copy your assignment file or folder to the Drop Box folder in kkothman. You will get a warning message that you won’t be able to see the result of the operation, etc. Click ok or continue.
  8. Email me (look on the right sidebar of this blog) when you put anything in my Drop Box. I’ll send you a confirmation email that I have the file(s).


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