(musTh212) Assignment 2: Ch. 38 and Chopin Op. 28, no. 4

First, to fix my mistake, read chapter 38 in the Gauldin for Friday. It covers Wagner’s “Prelude” from Tristan und Isolde. (Assignment 1 had you read chapter 39, which is needed for Friday.)

On Friday we’ll conclude our talk about Tristan (and chapter 38), and begin talking about chromatic voice leading (chapter 39). Along with reading chapters 38 and 39, listen to Chopin’s Op. 28, no. 4, Piano Prelude in e minor, pp. 326 and 327 in the Burkhart. (Naxos catalog numbers: HCD12316, 8.550225, 8.554536, CHAN9597, plus)


By Friday you should have read chapters 38 and 39 in the Gauldin, and listened to the Prelude to Tristan und Isolde and the Chopin Op. 28, no. 4 prelude.


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