(musTh212) Integer Notation Assignment Graded

The Integer Notation assignments have been graded. I’ve put up a “MusTh 212 Graded Assignment” envelope on my door (MU 109B) with the graded assignments. AM students are in the front; PM in the back. Two people didn’t put their name on their papers. Please see me to claim your grade.

There were a few careless math errors (0 + 8 = 9 !!!), along with a few more careless clef errors. The second line was in bass clef. Some of you would temporarily venture into treble and then back to bass.

The biggest error was with part II, with several people not answering with Pitch Class names (Bb, C, A, etc.). I counted half off for that. It was covered in class both on the day I handed the assignment out, and on question day.

Remember, short quiz over this on Friday.


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