(maxmsp) Project Assignment: Audio Processer

Create a patcher that processes digital audio in some creative way.

Your audio processor should:

  • process audio played back by sfplay~. Live input can be included, and will definitely be added at a later date.
  • record the processed audio via sfrecord~, along with outputting the live audio to the dac~.
  • make use of MIDI input and GUI objects (sliders, dials, buttons, etc.) to control process parameters.
  • not simply copy an existing plugin or piece of software. You may based your processor on some type of existing plugin or processor, but you should extend it in some way that is original.
  • have a clean, user-friendly and understandable interface. Use comment boxes to label user interface functions; color objects or use LCD panels to group like functions, etc.
  • make use of presets to define common variable settings. The user should also be able to store presets as desired.
  • be fully commented so as to explain your program to me.

Be creative! Max/MSP affords you with the possibility of controlling common processes in uncommon ways, and of expanding the number of elements that are being processed and controlled independently.


  • 2/29/08: Turn in a conceptual description of the processor you intend to create. You should do this primarily with text, but you can include some graphics if desired. (Flow charts can be helpful.) You can do this electronically (preferred), either via email or word/pdf document to my drop box.
  • 3/7/08: Turn in a “proof of concept” patcher that demonstrates how some key aspect of your processor will work. This patcher doesn’t need a cool interface, the ability to record, or full functionality of modulation or parameter control. It should show basic processing capabilities, with some idea of how modulation and/or control will occur.
  • 3/21/08: Turn in final processor patcher.


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