(musTh212) Reading/Listening Assignment – Melodies and Voice Leading

Quiz over Kostka chapters 2 and 3 on Friday. (30 minutes) Review scale formations and verticalities.

For Wednesday, read chapters 4 and 5 of the Kostka.

Five pieces are listed in the syllabus. For Wednesday, listen (and follow the score) to:

  • Tower (Wild Purple), pp. 569 – 571
  • Hindemith (Fuga Prima in C), pp. 490 – 492
  • and play through the Krenek (Suite for Violoncello Solo), p. 493.

The Tower and Hindemith Fuga are available online through the NML.

Listen to the Hindemith song and Seeger string quartet before Friday.

Be able to discuss how the examples for Wednesday fit the characteristics of 20th/21st-century melody. For the Hindemith, be able to identify the fugue subject, how many voices, and a general sense of how a tonal center is being established.


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