(maxmsp) Assignment/Project: Pluggo

To formalize the next step…

Due Friday, April 4:

Turn your audio processing patch into a Pluggo™  plugin to be used inside of Digital Performer.

You will turn in the following:

  • the original Max/MSP version of your pluggo patcher. (not the original audio processor, but the modified version for pluggo, with the plugconfig and pp objects, etc.
  • The VST (built) plugin file, with at least three usable presets.
  • A Digital Performer session with enough of an audio sequence to demonstrate the creative potential of your patcher. (Have at least one audio track with your pluggo plugin in use, with audio placed in the track, and some automation of your plugin’s parameters.) Try to be at least a little creative about this aspect.

Use parameter hints if you’re using the egg-slider interface. If you’re using a MaxMSP interface, remember to label controls appropriately.

Remember that the Pluggo development materials (Documentation and tutorial patchers) are in a separate folder from Max/MSP. Look for the Pluggo folder in the Applications directory.

The main things to focus on are:

  • what parameters of your processor would you like to be able to control and automate from a sequencer host?
  • what are the creatively useful value ranges for these parameters?
  • what are interesting default/preset values for your plugin.


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