(musth 212) Assignment: Serialism after 1945, Babbitt

Due Wednesday, 4/2 (No late assignments accepted, as we’ll talk about this in class on Wednesday)

Babbitt, Semi-Simple Variations, pp. 516- 519 (handout and recording in iLocker).

You will need to read the explanation starting on p. 516, and continuing on p. 517 to answer some of the questions. It is especially necessary to understand how the rhythmic series (prime and inversion) are created.


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  1. jshague Avatar

    I think there may be a misprint in the Burkhart on p. 517. The 2nd sentence of the top-most paragraph states that Var. II’s first hexachord ends on ‘C’ or ‘0’. Both the score and the nature of the variation of the row show that it instead ends on ‘G’ or 7. 0 appears in the second hexachord. This may confound people’s analysis for the worksheet.

  2. jshague Avatar

    Except that I just realized that question 5 is dealing with RHYTHMIC rows, not tonal ones. Oops. ¡Nevermind!

  3. jshague Avatar

    (And there’s two question 5’s…. just FYI)

  4. 5 is my axis of symmetry.

  5. larghettogangsta Avatar

    Hah… your axis is off balance…. hehe

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