(musTh 212) Listening and Reading Assignment

For Monday, 3/3/08:

Primary Reading and Listening

  • Read the portion of chapter discussing Tempo Modulation and Polytempo.
  • Listen to Elliott Carter’s  “Canaries” from Eight Pieces for Four Timpani, pp. 509 – 511 of the Burkhart. (Online via NML, BCD9111)
  • Through listening and score study, be able to intelligently discuss how tempo modulation provides organization to groups of phrases (sections).

Secondary Reading and Listening

  • Read Chapter 7 of the Kostka, “Form in Twentieth-Century Music,” particularly starting on p. 146 – Other Part Forms.
  • Listen to the Hindemith’s Fuga Prima in C, pp. 490 – 492 in the Burkhart.


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