(musTh1) Assignment: Create a WordPress Account

Due Friday, 8/29/08:

Create a WordPress account and comment on this post. If I can’t easily tell who you are by looking at your account/username, then make sure to tell me who you are in your comment text.

If you already have a WordPress account, you do not need to create a new one, just comment on this post.

Setting Up a WordPress Account

(these are the same steps as on the sheet I handed out in class)

  1. Navigate your web browser to wordpress.com.
  2. Click on the “Sign Up Now!” button. It’s hard to miss – near the top of the page, blue button within a yellow rectangle.

    Sign Up Now
    Sign Up Now
  3. Fill in the requested information on the form. You don’t need to create your own blog; you just need an account to post comments to my blog. Unless you have the strong desire, time, and something to say that others want to read, I’d strongly recommend just requesting a username for now. You can always create a blog later.

    Account Form
    Account Form
  4. After clicking “Next,” check your email to complete the process.


15 responses to “(musTh1) Assignment: Create a WordPress Account”

  1. mjyounger Avatar

    I’m on.

  2. joeyfox Avatar

    Joey Fox, Musth 111, MWF 2:00

  3. inferno2008 Avatar

    Matt Fern, Music Theory 111, Section 4

  4. Liann Cline, Musth 111, Section 4

  5. renfield89 Avatar

    Kyle Lesniewicz! MusTh 111

  6. Jackie Lott, Musth 111, MWF 2:oo

  7. jennoflondon Avatar

    Aha! I found it! I am becoming WordPress literate!
    -Jenny Trimmer, MusTh 111

  8. cdfegett Avatar

    Dani Fegett has officially passed this assignment despite being technologically flawed. Be proud.

  9. cjgeisler Avatar

    I think this is right! Sorry about the confusion, but thanks for the email!

    – Christina Geisler, 111 M,W,F 2:00

  10. alexdobbert Avatar

    Hey, this is Alex.

    (End of obligatory comment.)

  11. thefridge99 Avatar

    Bryan Reeder MusTh 111

    this took forever to figure out how to do

  12. Jamie, musth 111.

    this took a long time to figure out

  13. will smith musth111

    i’m here

  14. Look! I did it!!!

    Michelle Rice, MusTh111 MWF @ 2PM

  15. rapressler Avatar

    Rachel Pressler MusTh111

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