(musTh1) Homework-Pitch

Due Friday, 8/29/08:


  • p. 2, ex. 1B
  • p. 7, ex. 12
  • p. 9, ex. 16A
  • p. 10, ex. 17


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  1. jennoflondon Avatar

    this is jenny trimmer, i can’t find the original thing you wanted us to comment on… would you accept this instead?

  2. Hey I realize this is a late post and this assignment is due tomorrow, but a quick comment.

    I was working on Pg 9-16A forever and getting nowhere. I finally figured it out.

    It’s the lower of the two voices that is the pattern of major and minor seconds. The pattern repeats every measure. Don’t worry about the top notes until the bottom line is finished. Use the completed notes with accidentals in the lower voice to check your work on the way down.

    Once the lower voice is done, then do the intervals, which also repeat every measure.

    Thought this might help someone else!


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