(compMus2) Some Tassman how-to's

Here, in no particular order, are some basic programming tips in Tassman to do some basic synth functions.

Remember that modulation input settings, gain knobs, volume sliders, frequency settings on oscillators, and the like, are all initially set to zero values. After you hook up modules in Builder view you will need to adjust settings before you will hear anything from your instrument.

Envelope generators work by having their output and the output of the signal they are affecting combined with a VCA. (multiplication)

Vcs generators only have one pitch modulation input. To create small-scale pitch modulation, combine an envelope or lfo with the pitch output signal of a Polyvkey (or similar) in a Mix2 module. (addition)

Mix modules are just as likely to be used to combine control signals (envelope generators, lfo’s, etc.) as they are to combine audio signals.

Gain and Volume controls are useful. Use them generously. 

Sub-patches are not only useful if you want to use a combination of modules multiple times. They are also useful to organize your patches by embedding lots of the “inner workings” and making the overall instrument design easier to follow.

Save lots of Presets. If something seems even remotely interesting, save the settings. Fine tune from your saved presets. Useful presets will get combined with MIDI Links to create performances. 

Presets and MIDI Links do NOT transfer to new instruments when the “Save Instrument As…” command is used. Only the current set of MIDI Links and the current settings of the Preset used will be available, but you will have to save them again for your new instrument.

In Player view, remember to up the number of voices available for your polyphonic instruments. The default is 2. You can instantly see the CPU effects of your change. My advice is to see what the CPU load is at 8 voices, then judge what the max number of voices you can set. 

In deciding how many voices to set for polyphonic instruments, remember that if you choose to load multiple Tassman instruments in DP, each CPU load will add with any others (including DP’s).


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