(compMus2) Cecilia for the Mac

I’ve uploaded a version of Cecilia for the Mac that should be easy to install.

It’s in the 241 folder of my BSU_SHARED space on ilocker

Look for the cecilia2-5.tar file and download it. Unstuff it if needed.

Inside the folder that results, look for an instruction rtf file with my name on it. Basically, you install the tcl/tk files, then drag the Cecilia.app file to your Applications folder. 

I’m not sure I have a good windows version yet.


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  1. diegueins680 Avatar

    Great… but I need a login and a password to enter that address…

  2. The ilocker link is for my computer music class. The general public can get Cecilia from . You download the app (Cecilia.app) and tcl/tk separately from that page.

    Install tcl/tk first, then drag the Cecilia.app file into your Applications folder.

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