(compMus2) Copyright of Group Soundscape Compositions

I’ve added a discussion thread to teachingcomputermusic that outlines the copyright terms of our group soundscape compositions. It’s reachable via the main page, in the Forum section, below the teachingmusic blog rss feed.

I need all of you in the computer music 2 classes to read the discussion thread, and post a reply to it that agrees to the terms listed in the original post. This will serve as our copyright agreement for the class.

Remember that copyright is your protection as an author of an original work. Copyright allows you to claim that you are the original author of a work. Copyright allows you to set the terms for others to borrow or make derivative works. In our case, we are copyrighting our works as a class, with the conditions that we are the authors of our work, that no one will market our works for commercial gain, and that our work is sharable with others, as long as we are given credit for our work, and that others share any work based on our work. 

These rights are not finite, nor do they preclude any future commercial use should opportunities arise. At this point, it merely prevents others from profiting from our work. 

Take a look.


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