(compMus2) Reading Assignment: Intro to Filters

Reading Assignment, due Monday, 10/27.

Read pp. 185 – 197 in the Roads (yes, your favorite…) and answer the following questions. Some of this may be review, but it will certainly show up in one of our quizzes.

1. Assuming the basic, literal definition of a filter, name three things that are filters that do not use the term filter in their name. (Anything with EQ in the name doesn’t count.) This could be musical related objects, human features, or something else that I can’t think of. 

2. What are the two main ways that filters work? Label the ways with the appropriate designation of feedback and feed-forward.

3. What are the four basic types of filters? 

4. By convention, where is the cutoff frequency designated on a frequency response curve, and how does this relate to the passband or stopband of a bandpass or notch filter? There are specific numbers that relate to amplitude percentage, power, and therefore, decibels. Make sure that your answer includes these numbers.

5. What is the mathematical equation for a filter’s Q? You can type it out using / for division.

6. How is the slope of a filter’s frequency response curve measured?

7. What is the purpose of an allpass filter if it does not boost or attenuate frequencies?

8. What is the most common definition of a filter, as it is understood in audio terms?


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