(musTh1) Embellishing Tones – Cleaning Up

From grading the homework there are a few problems that need to be addressed.

Not all embellishing tones are dissonant. 

Consonant embellishing tones do not have any designation (or name) other than consonant. 

Unaccented is assumed unless otherwise indicated.

When labeling non-harmonic embellishing tones, you do not have to write “U” for unaccented. An unaccented passing tone is indicated with a “P”, for example. NHT’s are assumed to be unaccented unless specified. 

Suspensions are accented by definition.

You do not have to write “AS” for suspensions. By definition, suspensions are accented. If you write “AS” you’re implying that there are unaccented suspensions, which is wrong.


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