(compMus2) Easy Geotagging and Attribution

Two issues have come up from early attempts to upload, attribute, and geotag samples on Freesound

  1. Geotagging is much easier than I have made it out to be. You don’t need to use Google Earth at all. It’s built in to Freesound. Once you’ve uploaded a sample, and it has passed moderation (which only takes a few hours), you navigate to “Your Data,” and choose the sound you want to geotag. You’re taken to a Google Maps/satellite interface where you can zoom in on your sample location. Zoom in as much as possible, center your sample location (point of the arrow), and submit the geotag.
  2. To indicate what groups have uploaded what samples, I’m suggesting (strongly) that you include your group name in the sample description. Place it in parentheses at the end of the description. For example: (group jbl).

Descriptions, tags, and geotags can all be edited after your sample passes moderation. Geotags can only be edited after your sample passes moderation.


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