(musTh1) Phrase Assignment

Due Friday, Nov. 14th.

In the workbook, pp. 86 – 88, complete #1: D, E, F, G, and H, but according to the following instructions (not those in the workbook).

Mark phrases, periods, harmonies at cadences, and scale degrees at melodic cadences for each example. Do these diagrammatic markings in the workbook. 

Do not answer the workbook questions for each example. Answer the following questions. Put your answers on a separate sheet and turn in with the workbook pages.

  1. 1D: This excerpt comprises two phrases. Do the two phrases form a period relationship, and if so, indicate if it is parallel or non-parallel?
  2. 1E: Same as 1D. Indicate if period, and what type.
  3. 1F: This excerpt contains more than two phrases. Indicate any period relationships. Are there any relationships beyond that of the period? If so, indicate by name.
  4. 1G: This excerpt is a single phrase. In what two ways does this phrase vary beyond the typical four-measure length?
  5. 1H: There are two, four-measure phrases in this example. How does each phrase divide in measures (within itself)? What is the name for such divisions?


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