(compMus1) Reading Chapter 2

Due Tuesday, 2/3.

Read pp. 41 – 56 (the beginning of Chapter 2) in E/E, and answer the following questions:

  1. Name the two French Pierre’s who helped pioneer the construction of music using sound recording tools.
  2. The sound object (l’objet sonore) contains what three dimensions?
  3. Why is the idea of the sound object is critically important for composing music concrete?
  4. What was the significance of the Etudes de bruits to the second era of electronic music?
  5. What did Pierre Henry’s presence bring to Pierre Schaeffer’s studio and work?
  6. Schaeffer and Henry had different starting points, or ways that they worked with their recorded sounds. Explain the difference, very briefly.

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  1. can you by any chance post the pdf for this one last time? book is on the way but because of the weather I haven’t been home in a few days to even see if it has arrived yet.

  2. Hi, yea, I would also appreciate the pdf of this reading, because i ordered the book on the 15th, and Amazon finally shipped my book yesterday with the scheduled arrival date of Feb 2nd, but it might not be here on time (since the dorm front desk is usually behind on those things). Also, that Michel Chion piece was really cool. Had to look around for more of his stuff online. 🙂

  3. The assigned part of chapter 2 is now in my iLocker account.


    You may not be able to cut and paste this address into your browser and get the doc. You may have to go the mumet140 folder, login, then select it.

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