(compMus1) Getting DP to recognize the Korg Kontrol 49

Sometimes there is a problem getting Digital Performer to recognize the Korg Kontrol 49 MIDI controller. One problem seems to be that the Korg can operate in two different modes: play mode and native mode.

Scene mode is easiest to work with in terms of what external controls you can map to DP. Native mode works with certain software applications, including DP, but the details get hidden from you, and you can’t change controller connections (remap controllers in DP).

How do you recognize which mode the controller is in? If the scribble strip above the flashing tempo light reads the name of a specific piece of software or gear (like Reason 3, or WaveStation, etc.), then the unit is in native mode. To get out of native mode, you need to hold down the [SETTING] key, [MESSAGE] key, and [SCENE] key, and then press the [EXIT] key and you will return to play mode.

Although the scenes do not appear to have different settings in memory by default, you can change memory scenes by holding the [SCENE] key and pressing one of the first 12 drum pads corresponding to a memory location.


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