(compMus1) Second MIDI Assignment-UPDATED

UPDATED: Due Friday, 2/20, by midnight. (Saturday, 12:00 AM, after 11:59 PM Friday.)

To continue your fun of connecting the world with MIDI, this assignment requires you to connect Digital Performer and Reason, using DP as a control device to send MIDI to Reason, and using DP to route and playback digital audio from Reason. This assignment post will link to more detailed explanations of Reason and Rewire as I post them.

  • Open Digital Performer, and create a new project. Save it as yourname_MIDI_2.
  • Open Reason. It will launch in Rewire Slave Mode. Audio output is controlled by DP.
  • In Reason, create two devices (instruments) in your rack (samplers are good, the NN-XT Advanced and NN19 Digital), and connect their outputs to channels 1-2 and 3-4, respectively, of the audio interface. (Tab to flip the rack around.) Don’t use a mixer in Reason.
  • Still in Reason, select the device tracks in the sequencer, and choose Delete Tracks from the Edit menu (not Delete Tracks and Devices). You don’t want Reason to listen to MIDI input on its own (separate from DP).
  • Go back to DP. Change the input for a stereo audio track to Reason:Mix L 1- Mix R 2. This will connect the audio output from Reason channels 1 and 2 (your first instrument) to this audio track in DP. Record enable and Monitor enable this track.
  • Change the input for another stereo audio track to Reason:Channel 3-4. This will connect the audio output from Reason channels 3 and 4 (your second instrument) to this audio track in DP. Record enable and monitor enable this track.
  • Set the output for a MIDI track to your first instrument in Reason. In the pop up menu look for Reason: bus 6 ->, and choose the device by name from the subsequent branch menu. Record enable this MIDI track, play some notes on your MIDI keyboard, and listen for audio output. Troubleshoot if necessary (re-read above steps).
  • Set the output for another MIDI track to your second instrument in Reason. Record enable this track, play some notes, and listen for output. This should be a different sound than triggered by the first MIDI track, and it should create audio output to a different audio track.
  • Record some MIDI information on your first track. Use this MIDI to record audio on the appropriate audio track. (Note: this can be done in one pass, with both the MIDI track and audio track record enabled. You do not need to use Bus input to audio tracks when using Reason.)
  • Repeat the previous step with your second MIDI track.
  • Turn in the DP project folder to my drop box.


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  1. alostudios Avatar

    When is this due?

    1. The second MIDI assignment is due Friday, 2/20, by midnight.

  2. phwitkamp Avatar

    I saved what i did in reason and DP and submitted those files in a folder…. i hope thats what you wanted.

  3. eebradford Avatar

    Having trouble connecting Reason and DP. Tried every possible combination I can think of and still not producing any sound. Have made tracks recordable and whatnot. Getting a little frustrated.

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