(compMus1) Turning in Your Finished Project

Once you finish your project, you need to

  • burn an audio CD that contains your mixed project in stereo (not a data CD).
  • convert the data file of your stereo mix to mp3, with appropriate data information entered in (title, artists[you], and composer[you])
  • turn in a folder containing all your data (DP files, original and processed audio files, finished mix in aif and mp3 formats) to my drop box on the musictech server. Instructions to turn in the files are in this post.


4 responses to “(compMus1) Turning in Your Finished Project”

  1. are you going to take off if we didn’t switch the “quarter note=120 to 60” I did this project a total of four different times, and in the last mix I never changed it, and just changed the counter to show real time.

  2. No. The tempo change is more for convenience, but if you change the counter to real time, then you don’t need the tempo setting at all.

  3. rsmith0818 Avatar

    Hey I turned my folder in earlier this evening and it didn’t have my mp3 file in it. I made the mp3 file in my room because I have Itunes and I had left my cd and cd case here. Is there any way I could resubmit the file tomorrow before class starts with the mp3 file in it?

  4. You can resubmit the whole folder, or just submit the mp3 file, if that is all that is missing.

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