(compMus1) Blackboard and Social Networking Info

For all of my blogging, I’ve been a little lax in communicating about the other online connection points for the music technology program. With the end of the semester approaching, it seems like time for a rundown.


There is a music technology program group on Blackboard. You should be automatically enrolled as a music tech major, but if not, contact Michael Pounds to get added. Many alumni are also members of this group, and you should check out the disucssions from time to time.


Pounds, Allison, and I have Facebook accounts, which all have a mix of social and professional contacts. Most of the GA’s are on as well. There is also a BSU Music Technology group on Facebook. The group and individual composers both publicize their events through the site, so connecting here can help you stay abreast of current and upcoming events.


LinkedIn has more of a reputation as a professional networking site, and most of the contacts here are alumni and faculty, although a few students join. Pounds and I are on, and there is a BSU Music Technology group here as well.

MET-L Listserv

The ever present program listerv, which all of you should subscribe to for announcements and information. Instructions for signing up are in this post.


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