(musth1) Assignment 11: Chapter 4

Due Friday, 11/6:

Workbook, Ch. 4, pp. 51 – 53.

Exercise 4.1, Example 4.4.

  • Provide a RN analysis of mm. 15 – 16, and 18 – 19. Although m. 15 and 18 start with incomplete triads, consider them in context relating to m. 16 and m. 19.

Exercise 4.3 a and b.

  • Remember to raise the LT in minor.
  • Try to use voice exchange when moving from root position to first inversion triads (between S and B). Try really hard. It is worth points.

Exercise 4.4 a and b (only)

  • Provide a RN analysis.

Exercise 4.5 a only. Melody Harmonization.

  • Follow the guidelines from class. I’ll post them soon.
  • You may use I, IV, V in root position or first inversion, and ii in first inversion.
  • Note the harmonic rhythm (marked R), and the indication to use first inversion triads where indicated by the number 6. One time it indicates a prolongation through change from root position to first inversion. The other time it indicates a first inversion triad that should indicate to you the middle chord of a three-chord group (we went over this 3-chord beauty in class today).
  • You are free to use first inversion triads even when there is no indication to do so.


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