(musTh2) Assignment 2: Phrases


Due Friday, 1/29/2010

From Chapter 6 of the Workbook:

Exercise 6.1 (pp. 60 – 62), numbers 1 – 3, and 5 – 6 (6a, 6b, 6c).

  • For number 2, only do measures 1 – 8.
  • Number 5, the Trio starts on p. 314.
  • Number 6b, look at the first 20 measures.

For numbers 1 – 5 you do not need to do a chord-by-chord harmonic analysis, although it is good practice and can help you see cadential points more easily. You are not turning in copies of the music, so it does not need to be clean and formal.

Numbers 1 – 5 asks for a form diagram and discussion based on the information listed on p. 60. Points 1 – 5 in that list will provide the material for your discussion. The form diagram will include some material from the discussion as well (cadences, phrase relationships, etc.)

  • Discussion point 1 asks if the fragment is based on a motive. Also include in your discussion if any of the phrases are built in sentence structure, discussing what constitutes the a, a’, and b elements. These designations should also go into your diagram.


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