(musTh2) Assignment A: Create a WordPress Account and Comment

Due Wednesday, 1/20:

  1. Create a WordPress account (if you do not already have one)
  2. Comment on this post (whether you have a pre-existing account or not). MAKE SURE YOU COMMENT ON THIS POST. If you’ve navigated directly to this post, the comment section is below the post. If you are viewing this post from the home page of the blog, click on the post title and scroll down.

This assignment is worth actual homework points, which seems to be the only sure way to get students to sign up and participate.

You can navigate directly to http://en.wordpress.com/signup/ and follow the onscreen instructions. You don’t need to create your own blog; you just need an account to post comments to my blog. Unless you have the strong desire, time, and something to say that others want to read, I’d strongly recommend just requesting a username.

I have never received spam from WordPress to my email account, so this procedure is relatively risk-free. I require people to have a WordPress account to post comments to my blog to cut down on incoming spam to the blog.

Comments to the blog are an excellent way to share questions that may be of interest to the class as a whole – particularly about assignments. All students can see the question and any answer provided. If you do not wish to share a question publicly you can always email me.

I’ll post some instructional videos very shortly to help people with how to best use and navigate the blog.


22 responses to “(musTh2) Assignment A: Create a WordPress Account and Comment”

  1. drumbumnate Avatar

    Nate Isaacs. Im first to comment. I should get extra points for it

  2. christenj Avatar

    This is Christen if you couldn’t tell by my user name!

  3. valeriegt Avatar

    Yay for easy homework grades

  4. jonboy1991 Avatar

    Thus it begins again

  5. I made sure I commented on this post.

  6. edmitchell16 Avatar

    I guess I made it! 🙂 This is Edric.

  7. rrhirshberg Avatar

    Hi, everybody.

  8. Christina Rizk!!! 🙂

  9. drumbumnate Avatar

    atleast I posted in the right place this semester

  10. acserpico Avatar

    Alex Serpico.

  11. dltanella Avatar

    Daria Tanella =)

  12. rachaelqueen Avatar

    Hi. Rachael Queen.

  13. spshanley Avatar

    Sean Shanley here. You can tell by my painfully unoriginal username.

  14. memiller402 Avatar

    Meghan Miller 🙂

  15. kempodrummer Avatar

    Christopher Smith is on board

  16. this is jessica bush. =)

  17. rakercheval Avatar

    Bob-o Is Up And Running!

  18. gracedarbiter Avatar

    Chase Sprouse

  19. audreysperaw Avatar

    Audrey Speraw

  20. isblackhawk Avatar

    Isaiah Standridge

  21. Jenny Wood

  22. tpseibert Avatar

    Todd Seibert.

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