(maxmsp) Gain slider, delay line intro

2/24/10 patchers are in iLocker.

(It can be easier to grab multiple files using Fetch, available for free from UCS, or some other Windows/Mac FTP program. The server is ilocker.bsu.edu, and the directory is /users/kkothman/BSU_SHARED/242/examplePatchers.)

New patchers:

  • MSPBasic1f – a different way of sending target value and ramp time to line~
  • MSPBasic2b – gain~ slider, also including the scale object to map incoming MIDI CC to different ranges of values.
  • MSPBasic3a – adc~ and ezadc~ in an audio monitoring patcher. In class, soundflower was used as my Mac Core Audio driver, iTunes radio was playing, and the adc~/ezadc~ used soundflower as its input (set in the DSP status window)
  • MSPBasic3b – tapin~/tapout~ for delay lines. Very simple intro.


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