(analyticTech) Schenker Intro, Beethoven link (UPDATED)

UPDATE: I created a new version of the reading assignment file. The new file is much smaller (289 KB  vs. 7.5 MB), and Preview on the Mac can now open it.

As promised, your reading assignment (iLocker, requiring your BSU username and password to get to). It uses Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No. 1, first movement as an example. You can get a score and recording to this through the IMSLP. I’d recommend the fourth listing of the score file. It notes that it is “Filtered.” (image quality has been improved through a filter) The recording is ok, but not great. If you want something more authoritative, try Brendel via the Naxos Music Library (CDX-5056).

Also, I’d like you to brush up on counterpoint, since species counterpoint is an underlying principle of Schenkerian analysis. I did some searching online for guides, and the main thing I found out is that music theorists should stay away from HTML.

Prof. Irene Girton of Occidental College has an online instructional guide to species counterpoint. This guide is meant to be used as an instructional book for a species counterpoint introduction as part of first-year undergraduate theory. (I used to teach with her at Cal State Los Angeles, and I’ve used an earlier printed version of this guide.)

Prof. Lawrence Zbikowski at the University of Chicago has a summary of guidelines. It’s also the best formatted site, but it doesn’t contain any examples.

I have some posts that are intended for first semester students here at Ball State. We only cover cantus firmus writing, first and second species at that level.


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