(maxmsp) First Assignment: Tutorials

Your first assignment will be to do the Max Tutorials:

  • Basic, 1 – 7 (through numerical user interfaces)
  • MIDI 1 & 2

Due 1/17 (Monday).

The point of the tutorials, and this assignment, is to get you familiar with basic processes and help facilities in Max/MSP. I could assign something different, but these tutorials are very good.

Remember that the tutorials are accessed via the Help menu in Max/MSP. Under Help, open the Max Tutorials. This will give you a full list of the tutorial topics in a browser-like window. Clicking on a tutorial topic will take you to that tutorial, with each tutorial having its own tutorial patcher. Open the tutorial patchers, use the Save As… command to save the patcher to your working environment. Follow the tutorials, making changes to patchers as directed.

Put all your tutorials in one folder. Name the folder yourname1. (replace “yourname” with, oh I have to say it, your name)


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