(musth212) Late Post: Rhythm/Meter Assignment

I never posted this assignment. If you haven’t turned it in, please do so by Monday, 3/28.

Chapter 6

  • Part A: 4 and 5
  • Part B: 5 and 6

Remember, to find new tempos in tempo modulation excerpts you follow the formula:

original_tempo * (original_grouping_number / new_grouping_number) = new_tempo

The grouping numbers will be the different ways some beat subdivision has changed. For example, if a triplet-eighth-note = the new eighth-note then you have changed grouping numbers from 3 (original) to 2 (new), since three triplet eighth-notes equals one original beat and two eighth-notes equals the new beat.

For more explanation, read the Tempo Modulation post.


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