(musth112) Phrase Diagram (Bubble) Assignment

Due Tuesday, 5/17:

Create a phrase diagram (bubble diagram) of the first 32 measures of Beethoven’s Op. 119, No. 1 Bagatelle (handout in class). Treat the first 16 measures as one diagram (in g minor), and the second 16 measures as a separate diagram (in Eb major).

Your diagram should show:

  • phrase markings with beginning and ending measure numbers (pickups count as belonging to the next measure)
  • cadences
  • melodic/thematic indications (a, a’, b, etc.)
  • sentence structure with internal parts labeled (bi, bi’, ci), if applicable
  • phrase groupings, such as periods and a designation of contrasting or parallel, if applicable.

You can mark phrases, cadences, etc., on the score, but then you will need to put the diagrams on the back of the page. The idea of the diagram is to give a quick overview of the phrase organization of the excerpt.


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