(form) Assignment 2: Structural Units

Due Monday, September 12

Using the criteria outlined in Chapter 2 of A Practical Approach to Form in Music, analyze the following works to identify structural phenomena (like Chapter 1), phrase structure and section structure (structural units). You should turn in a text paper, using an outline or bullet format to identify clearly by measure and event, and you should describe why you are grouping or not grouping phrases into any hierarchy.

Structural Units should address, where applicable, phrase structure, modulation, symmetry, and content (motive, i.e., parallel or contrasting, etc.). See p. 48, no. 3 for a model.

You should use structural phenomena to support your division of the pieces into sections, and then further dividing sections into phrase units.


Chopin, Mazurka in a minor, Op. 67, No. 4

J. S. Bach, English Suite No. IV, Sarabande, BWV 809 (first movement of embedded video)


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