(musTh 212) Assignment 2 – Scale Formations

Due Wednesday, January 18:

Two Parts:

  • Complete the scale assignment sheet I handed out in class (or download a copy). You do not have to do question 5.
  • Answer the questions from Kostka, pp. 33 – 38, Part B: 1, 2, 4, 5, and 7. Some excerpts may be a bit ambiguous as to scale used. Do your best.

When analyzing a piece to determine the scale type(s) being used, remember to

  • first take inventory of the pitch classes present,
  • then look for musical cues to indicate what pitch class may be tonic.

Cues for determining tonic could include

  • starting and/or ending pitch classes
  • rhythmic, agogic, or repeated emphasis on a pitch class
  • the outline of other pitch classes that indicate a tonic triad.


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