(maxmsp) midi listen/learn

The ccLearn patcher can be set to listen to any continuous controller (CC) input, and then set itself to always listen to that CC input.


The listening section is based around a ctlin object with no arguments. Without arguments, ctlin listens to all CC numbers. The middle outlet sends the current CC number.


The toggle opens a gate that allows the current CC number to pass through. When a CC number passes through the gate the trigger (t) object

  • outputs a bang that turns off the toggle (bang reverses a toggle state),
  • outputs the CC number to a set $1 message that is passed to another cltin object. This step causes the second ctlin object to listen for the new CC number (until another CC number is passed through the gate),
  • outputs the CC number to a number box for viewing, and
  • outputs the CC number to a print object.


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