(maxmsp) presentation mode

Max/MSP has two ways of viewing a patcher,

  • patcher view, which we’ve been dealing up to now, and
  • presentation view

Presentation view provides an alternate way of viewing your patcher information. Patch cords do not show at all, and you can decide what (subset) of objects appear in presentation view. You can even rearrange the layout of your objects, and resize them.

Open the synchMetros patcher (downloaded in an earlier post). The patcher opens in patcher view. Along the bottom of the window is an icon that looks like a projector screen. Click it to go into presentation view. The patcher layout changes, even including colored background panels (the panel object) in very garish colors and 90s-style button shading.

You can unlock in presentation view to rearrange and resize objects.

Switch back to patcher view and unlock the patcher. Objects with a pink halo will be included in the presentation view. Select an object and choose “include in presentation” from the object menu (or contextual menu) to add an object to the presentation.

If you add new objects in presentation they will show up in different places in patcher view. Also, some resizing properties and location do not transfer between presentation and patcher views. That is why there are the two small panels off to the side of the patcher in patcher view.


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