(musth 212) Reading, Listening, and Score Study Assignment – Rhythm

Continuing on from our testing extravaganza, I want to focus class time more on understanding theoretical concepts through the study of works. I’m trusting all of you can read the text and follow those examples. I hope that we can make class time a bit more interesting (and relevant) by focusing on understanding how concepts play out musically.

Towards that end, read chapter 6 in the Kostka on your own before Friday. You can skip over the part about tempo modulation and polytempo for Friday, but we will get to those parts later. Take notes.

Pieces to study and listen to for Friday (2/17/12):

  • Bartok: Mikrokosmos No. 115 (Bulgarian Rhythm) and No. 133 (Syncopation)
  • Messiaen: Quatuor pour la fin du temps (Quarter for the End of Time), Mov’t I, Liturgy of the Crystal

All works are in your anthology. You should listen to all works as well. Subsequent tests will have much more emphasis on works we’ve covered in class.


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