(musTh 212) Listening/Look – Atonal Music

We’re going to focus on three (freely) atonal works for class discussion. You should listen to all three with the score. Your goal is to gain overall familiarity with the work. Try to discover if there are repeating gestures that suggest importance, musical contrasts that suggest sections, and an overall formal grouping for each work. In class we will talk about how the works are organized with regards to pitch class sets. You will need to listen to each piece more than once outside of class. Like before, these works will be fair game to ask about on tests and the final exam.

  • Schoenberg, No. 1 of Three Piano Pieces, op. 11 (pp. 460 – 463)
  • Varese, Octandre, Mov’t I (pp. 516 – 520)
  • Carter, Fratibute (pp. 554 – 556)



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